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Axiom is Chosen to Assist in Securing Student History for Unified School District

July 25, 2014

Axiom is proud to have been chosen to work with a local unified school district with the digitization of their student transcripts. Student transcripts will date back to the beginnings of the 13 individual high schools within the district. Transcripts Tell a Story Former students request transcripts when applying for entrance into higher education institutions. A transcript is a record of the classes a student was enrolled in and the grades they achieved. They... Read More →

Electronic Document Management: Developing Your Metadata Strategies

July 2, 2014

Many document scanning projects share the singular goal of creating a searchable database. There are several methods and software a person can utilize to create searchable images, but preparing and executing a strategy for metadata and file naming is critical for success. We will look at a few best practices that can reduce your search time: OCR: Although Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can create a searchable database, relying solely on its functionality... Read More →

Turn Your Paper Docs into Business Data, Part 3

April 4, 2014

How Do Scanned Documents Directly Affect You? I used to love my customer rewards card from the supermarket. Just show up, scan the card, and get a discount on my bag of chips and a few other things I was buying. What a great idea, right? Then, I grew to hate my card. I believed that the supermarket was stalking me, tracking my every purchase and selling the information to nefarious companies, stuffing my mailbox with junk mail. Now, I love my card again, but... Read More →

Turn Your Paper Docs into Business Data, Part 2

March 10, 2014

Searchability My blog editor (WordPress) still flags this word as misspelled, as if to say, “Hey!  You can’t make up words here.” But, in today’s world, searchability is paramount. As an example, I have roughly 5,000 contacts on my smartphone.  It slows me down and reduces my productivity to look for Henry Rollins by scrolling from A to R and then for me to scroll more slowly once I get in the “R”s.  I use the integrated... Read More →

Turn Your Paper Docs into Business Data, Part 1

January 6, 2014

Save Space.  Sounds simple enough, but have you stopped to think about the value of your office space?  What about your mental space? David Allen, productivity guru and author of “Getting Things Done” points out that mental clarity or “space” is invaluable for creativity. One of the best (arguably the only) way to foster a creative environment is to have clear, open space in your work area to operate. Frequently, the reason we have... Read More →