Small and Medium Businesses

Small and Medium Businesses

Small and Medium sized Businesses; Your Will to Win Matches Our Desire to Succeed

Our DesireElectronic Document Management has become essential for improving workflow and efficiency for organizations of all sizes. Many Small and Medium size businesses struggle with errors made from double entries, the management of account action items, and loss time associated with searching for correct information among numerous files.

Axiom’s Electronic Document Management (EDM) services range from scanning documents for archival purposes to helping manage live, searchable documents that can be hosted and accessed from anywhere in the world. With over a decade in the industry and an impeccable multi-year track record, Axiom is recognized as one of the trusted leading EDM service providers. Leverage our experience and expertise to improve efficiency and reduce the costs of managing and safeguarding your key documents.

Our EDM services can help your company to:

  • Digitally handle both archived and live documents
  • Easily search and access hundreds of documents through the use of indexing and metadata extraction
  • Automate the flow of data and manage business content effectively
  • Protect valuable data to ensure business continuity
  • Minimize costs and streamline business cost
  • Broaden market outreach

Life Cycle

Creating Efficiency and Improving Workflow for a Facilities Service Contractor

A leading facilities services contractor required the tracking of projects associated with thousands of commercial, institutional and retail facilities in hundreds of cities across the United States. It looked to Axiom for assistance in creating a management system that automated the tracking of their projects.

Axiom’s successfully designed and implemented a system that allowed the following web accessible information:

  • Project status accessed and updatable by contractors, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers
  • The creation and management of service provider inspection and evaluation reports
  • Management tools for the handling of project problems and solutions were captured in a searchable “knowledge base” to be accessed when similar issues were encountered
  • Tracked any deviations and generated financial and budget reports (standard and dynamic)
  • Conducted the approval process and delivery of management reports through the system using emails
  • Reports were able to be created dynamically, using 2D or 3D charts, or formatted as Word or Excel documents