Metadata Search

Metadata Search

Metadata Search Improves Efficiency and Enhances Your Workflow

Metadata Search Enabling metadata search capabilities within your electronic document management system greatly enhances the ability to search for and retrieve vital information. Metadata improves your workflow by enlisting more precise search methods than general full-text search processes. Searches are enhanced as identification tags are assigned to specific pages, case numbers, volume numbers, and titles of tables or graphs.

Document Search Benefits

Enjoy all the benefits of Archival and Digitization including:

  • Reduced time spent on retrieving business information from hours to seconds
  • Intelligent categorization and grouping of your documents
  • Customer query responses based on ready access to accurate information
  • Ability to ‘copy and paste’ sections of text within the document
  • Anytime / anywhere access to your documents with Axiom’s basic hosting for no additional charge
  • Create workflows to manage business processes based on electronic documents