Imaging with Document Search

Imaging with Document Search

Using multiple Optical Character Recognition (OCR) voting engines and latest OCR Repair technologies, Axiom enables you to quickly access and retrieve information from your digital files and documents. Keyword or Metadata Extraction further enhances your company’s ready access to critical content. Full search capability along with anytime / anywhere access to all your data offers unmatched value and a competitive advantage over a paper-based information flow.

Case study

Wireless Carrier Billing

Wireless CarrierA wireless carrier needed to create an information management solution to improve the updating of the daily tariff information used for the accuracy of the inter-company billing process. The turnaround time for the daily transmission of this mission critical service needed to be measured in hours and minutes. Axiom’s solutions produced accuracy levels exceeding 99.95%. The client continues to work exclusively with Axiom on the basis of superior and consistent accuracy levels backed up by our responsive customer service.

Axiom Service Features

  • Axiom personnel work around-the-clock in global delivery centers for fast turnaround.
  • No portion of the work is sub-contracted, resulting is highest quality and confidentiality levels.
  • Guaranteed service levels for one-time and ongoing assignments.
  • Unsurpassed accuracy levels using Manual OCR Repair for business critical applications.
  • Executed projects requiring multi-lingual OCR Repair.
  • Complimentary front-end application for identifying documents using index field or full-text search queries.
  • Full-text search features for handwritten documents also available.