Solution Uniqueness

Solution Uniqueness

Innovators in Electronic Document Management Solutions

Axiom can quickly transition your organization from being dependent on an ineffective paper archive to being a nimble, collaborative and competitive organization.

AxiomFileCabinet delivers:

  • Dramatically increased user adoption rate across all systems
  • Dramatically reduced total cost of operations (TCO) with software-as-a-service pricing and support from Axiom
  • Reduced risk with an off-site, disaster recovery solution that is ready to work when and where you are
  • Rapid deployment; users just need a browser, username and password

Axiom Consulting Group delivers:

  • End-to-End solution that is cost-effective and robust
  • Reliable delivery of business-critical data
  • A self-paced, thorough training environment that is end-result driven

Life Cycle

Utilize a Social-Computing environment:

  • Connecting people in real-time.
  • Implement smart and geographically aware mobile devices
  • Draw on ubiquitous and cheap bandwidth

Focused on the Small-to-Medium Sized Business Segment

  • SMBs have the ability to benefit from this suite of services and grow exponentially
  • Staff can use familiar tools for content sharing and commenting to expedite projects and
  • Quick transition to an electronic document management system with cost effective adoption processes
  • Axiom is ready to help with adoption of the technologies and system, and scale them to accommodate dozens or thousands of users