How It Works

How It Works

Axiom File Cabinet: Enhance Your Content Management

AxiomFileCabinet offers true open-source Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Traditional Document Management has its roots in complex document vaults accessed by document librarians. These have historically been developed as large, complex, enterprise software applications. This has caused document management systems to be complex and difficult to use, very costly, and have a very low adoption rate – typically 5% of users. To overcome this hurdle, the open-source architecture of AxiomFileCabinet offers features and an interface that users are familiar with and use on a daily basis. This includes:

  • Shared drive for storage
  • Email for Collaboration
  • Google for search
  • Yahoo for categorization
  • Folder structures and content for project plans

Social Engagement Management

AxiomFileCabinet offers document management using familiar interfaces to get rapid user adoption built on a repository that offers transparent services for full ECM:

  • Virtual File System – Replace shared drives and offer the same interface
  • Email-like rules – Configure plug-in rules to automate manual processing and offer out-of-sight compliance
  • Google-like search – Search directly from Chrome, Firefox or IE
  • Yahoo-like browsing – Automatic meta-data extraction and categorization
  • SmartSpaces – Best practice collaboration spaces
  • Transparent life cycle support

Social Engagement

Axiom File Cabinet delivers:

  • Dramatically increased user adoption – for all users across systems
  • Dramatically reduced cost and TCO
  • Reduced risk
  • Rapid deployment

Mobile Solution  Ready to Go!

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The iPad, iPhone, and Android apps for our solution are free!

Technology Components

AxiomFileCabinet uses best-of-breed Open Source technologies such as Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, modern standards such as JSR-168, JSR-170, Web Services, Java Server Faces and contributions from the open source community to get higher quality software produced more quickly at much lower cost.

AxiomFileCabinet is built by a team with 15 years’ experience in this space, including the co-founder of Documentum, VP of Web Content Management of Interwoven, and other senior industry players. AxiomFileCabinet allows users to access a simple to use, Intelligent Virtual File System from their native application or portal with the full power of an Enterprise Content Management System.

Team Collaboration

  • Space Wizard – Best practice of folder structure, content, templates, rules and processes
  • Forum Support – threaded discussions
  • Simple Email Based Workflow – embedded URL, approve/reject
  • Email and RSS change notification
  • Portal Deployment (including Liferay)

Integrated Workflow

  • jBPM and Activiti Integration – complex workflow support
  • Dashboard Task Management
  • Compliance – Secure Document Life Cycle Management


  • Security and user management with users, groups and roles
  • Document Level Security
  • Single Sign-On through NTLM or LDAP